Square Victoria Real Estate:
property at its finest in the heart 
of Old Montreal

About Square Victoria Real Estate

Iconic real estate

With its proud history in Montreal’s International Quarter, Square Victoria Real Estate is behind some of the most well-known properties in the city. A wholly owned subsidiary of Power Corporation of Canada, Square Victoria Real Estate represents excellence, heritage and connection to the community. It is pleased to serve its tenants across its portfolio of properties.

Steeped in the past, and yet built for the future, Square Victoria Real Estate brings together a rare combination of timeless quality, openness and warmth. Each property links to a pivotal moment in Montreal’s past: retailing in the late 19th and early 20th century, the transformation of commercial shipping following the Second World War, and a new wave of journalism on the eve of the Quiet Revolution.

While completely renovated with a nod to Montreal’s history, each property sets an important foundation for the next 150 years of commerce, business and communication. Each location features modern amenities, an abundance of natural light and exceptional craftsmanship.

Our Properties